Adelitas Favorite Shops November 2020

Adelitas Favorite Shops November 2020


Frijoliz is the pseudoname for an illegalized person, propagandist/cultural worker who touches on themes of migration, motherhood, queerness and liberation.

“I believe all art should be accessible, so feel free to right click, download, and print yourself under the condition that any of my art not be altered nor used for profit and, of course, be cited accordingly. I do appreciate any and all monetary support as it helps me and my family.”

- @Frijoliz





Brenda Heredia is an undocumented woman who immigrated to the United States in 2014. She is currently a college student pursuing a double major in Business Marketing and Spanish, along with a Translation Certificate. She was one of the owners of Ixal Crafts, and now she is the owner of QuHerencia . Although QuHerencia was just released, it is a shop in which Brenda hopes to provide a sense of belonging to her community. Along with her mom’s support, she focuses on handmade beaded items such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. 


“Hello. My name is Wendy Sayuri (she/her) & I am the creator of We are an undocumented owned brand located in San Bernardino, Ca. I make polymer clay earrings; each piece is unique & handmade with love!” 



Twitter: @shopsayuri_ie


Murga Jewelry:

"Hi, my name is Lauren Murga and I am just a gal who wants to provide you with the cutest earrings and accessories. Each item is handmade with love and unique in its own way :) Enjoy! "

- Lauren



Garden Fairy Infusions:

"Hello my name is Victoria & I am the owner of Garden Fairy Infusions. Inspired by the need for non-toxic skin products, I decided to create my own using herbs and natural ingredients. All my products are handmade with love in Los Angeles!"


Shop/IG: @GardenFairyInfusions

Carrillo Designs:

Carrigo Designs is a Latinx child and mother duo selling handmade goods like knitted stuffed animals and beadwork.

Together there inclusive and accessible brand run a #paywhatyoucan collection of bead work and firm price beadwork on Gabby Carrillos twitter @hamish_kitty.

They also run an online store with a rotating five item drop at


Gabby Carrillo

       Twitter: @hamish_kitty 

        IG: @lifeisntwastedonus

Carolina Carillo

        IG: @nallamom70




Nohelsss Photography:

 "Hi, I am Nohely, but online I go by Nohelsss! I am an undocumented photographer based in the suburbs of Chicago. I only have one goal when sharing my photography and it’s that I aim to share a moment of joy with whoever comes across one of my pictures which is why I put together this online shop where I sell prints of my favorite pictures from my portfolio."


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