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"I am Marisol, I started creating jewelry since 2000 and quilled paper cards in 2008. In February 2021 with the help of my two daughters, I again began to make my dream come true. All my earrings are hand-assembled and lovingly made."


Quherencia is an undocumented, woman-owned small business based in Southern California. The shop supplies a variety of handmade items including soy wax candles, beaded jewelry, stickers, necklaces, and crystals. The name behind the shop significantly embodies the sense of belonging among the Latinx identity and immigrant community, while also encouraging embracing one's self and others. Through its products, Quherencia hopes to promote self-discovery, growth, and healing. Thank you for your support! 


Yamz: World of Color:

Brayan Montes is an Undocumented Queer creative based in Denver Colorado. He primarily specializes in Illustration work for brands, Mersch, packaging, and publications. His services range from Logo design to merch and apparel design but considers himself a true swiss army knife of design. He currently operates the YAMZ world of color, a small values-based design boutique that develops brand design and visually intriguing illustration work. He's very passionate about working with non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs of color working to build their own brands and business.


Frijoliz is the pseudoname for an illegalized person, propagandist/cultural worker who touches on themes of migration, motherhood, queerness and liberation.

“I believe all art should be accessible, so feel free to right click, download, and print yourself under the condition that any of my art not be altered nor used for profit and, of course, be cited accordingly. I do appreciate any and all monetary support as it helps me and my family.”

- @Frijoliz



Growing As A Flower:

Growingasaflower is run by an undocumented gender queer bitter hood feminists. I use different mediums to express my self. Anything from digital design, totes bags, buttons, zines and punch needle creations.


Pink Cove Treasures:

"Pink Cove Treasures started out as a way to celebrate myself. Even on the worst days, the right pair of earrings can brighten my whole mood. I wanted to share that little act of joy and self love with others. All treasures are handmade with love individually, unique in their own way. From quirky earrings, to elegant sets, and even practical—but still cute— mugs and incense holders, there is something for everyone. It’s hard to slow down and enjoy the little things.These treasures are for the people who deserve a little extra reminder of all the abundant love the universe has for them."

Nohelsss Photography:

 "Hi, I am Nohely, but online I go by Nohelsss! I am an undocumented photographer based in the suburbs of Chicago. I only have one goal when sharing my photography and it’s that I aim to share a moment of joy with whoever comes across one of my pictures which is why I put together this online shop where I sell prints of my favorite pictures from my portfolio."

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